August 26, 2012

Fonseca - Cosacos (Sep 2001)

RG: 42
Length: 135 mm
Longfiller, totalmente a mano, tissue wrapped.

Colorado-colored, faint, but very fine covered. Barely veined and slightly greasy.

Cold smell:
The first impression on the nose is quite sweet and aromatic. Woody flavors and some resin. For this purpose an aroma which reminds of fresh fruit.

1st third:
The cigar starts flowery and sweet. The flavor reminds of incense. It's accompanied by a little bit of coffee and black tea with cream.

2nd third:
In the middle it's coming to earthy tendencies. Floral, lavender, slightly tart and dry leather.

3rd third:
Even towards the end remains the flowery of the Fonseca. The typical Cuban earthiness remains too. This time, however, added by butter flavoring. In the foreground, the cigar however has a strong marzipan note.

As expected, a fairly mild cigar. Yet not powerless. Very balanced, despite the age.

Burning / ash:
Weakly pronounced firecone.
Stable ash with a nice, closed surface. Slightly and evenly grained concrete gray.

A very nice cigar with a perfect age. If you can manage to grab one: take it!

August 11, 2012

Montecristo - Salomones II (2002)

RG: 57
Length: 174 mm
Longfiller, totalmente a mano
From the Compay 95 Aniversario Humidor

Just two words: f*cking great!