September 16, 2012

Partagás - Partagás de Luxe (2002)

RG: 40
Length: 140 mm
Longfiller, totalmente a mano, tubo

The cigar is dressed in a dull colorado. This sleek wrapper shows only a slight veining.

Cold smell:
In the foreground a floral aromatic smell of rose and orchid is noticeable. This rather rare feeling confused a little at first. Finally, I expected more flavors of chocolate and hazelnut, which are in place, but only subtly.

1st third:
The Cuban cigar starts typically quite earthy. But instead of woody notes mineral impressions are perceived, that reminds of calcium.

2nd third:
Towards th mids the cigar becomes sweeter. Kind of Vanilla and fine hazelnut chocolate. Furthermore fruity and floral (wildflowers). As a contrast, a slight peat aroma.

3rd third:
At the end of the cigar becomes woody again. But also somewhat smoky. One gets the impression of scorched wood. Finally I find the missing earthy impressions. Cardamom forms a spicy facet.

Although the cigar started mild, it developed a typical Partagás strength lager.

Burning / ash:
The medium-gray ash forms a solid cylinder with a cracked, stripy surface.