May 17, 2015

Humidor control with HumiCon-Shield

Just over 2 years ago I put into operation my humidor with the self-developed humidifier "HumidorControl F". And I'm very happy with it. But for some time already annoyed me that the used Relay Shield clacks minimal and the flying wired Protoshield, although you can not see, looked like a permanent provisional arrangement.

The resulting solution is a self-developed and professionally produced control board, which combines both Shields and works with electronic transistors instead of mechanical relays. In order to have more options for the future, the circuit was designed somewhat universally.

Here are the new main features:
  • 12V input voltage
  • Power supply for all 5V Arduino models (Uno, Leonardo, Mega, Yun)
  • Up to 4 independently readable hygrometer
  • Up to 4 independently controllable fans (convection and/or humidifier)
  • Display via I²C bus connectable
  • 3 analog inputs for future expansions

Along with the new board, I made a few small, rather cosmetic changes in the control software and rename the software to "HumiCon U". This is optimized for Arduino Uno. In a next step, a webinterface via WLAN is scheduled. This will be probably realized as "HumiCon Y" with an Arduino Yun.

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