March 04, 2012

Sancho Panza - Bachilleres (Sep 1998)

I was asked for my impressions of the cigar. This afternoon I had the calm, to smoke a Bachilleres.
Here's my short tasting:

RG: 40
Length: 116 mm
Totalmente a mano, longfiller

Light toasty aromas, sweet chestnut, nutty, chocolate milk, freshly cut grass

Compact ash with good stability. Steel gray at first brownish, bluish gray. Chapped and slightly grainy surface.

1st third:
Earthy, flintstone, musty wood, slightly musty, damp basement

2nd third:
Earthy, woody, forest floor, slate, juicy, musty, furred

3rd third:
Earthy, woodsy, slightly toasty aromas, scorched wood, green walnut, lovage, venison, furry

If these are the typical aromas of a Sancho Panza, they are really weird. It's hard to say whether I like the cigar. On the first hand I don't like the musty flavors, on the other hand, it makes the cigar interesting.

But I'll take a look at the other formats of Sancho Panza.